Ride Start Locations

The following list links to Google maps showing the rough location of various meeting points for rides and socials,


* Elmfield Park Gates, Bennetthorpe
* The Ivanhoe


* Amici & Bici
* The Riverside Café, Catchbar Lane, Hillsborough
* Dronfield Civic Hall
* The Fat Cat
* Hillsborough Park Duck Pond
* Ladybower Reservoir
* Malin Bridge
* Meadowhead
* Millhouses Park Cafe
* Peak Village
* Rivelin Park Cafe
* Endcliffe Park Cafe

* Sheffield Cathedral
* Sheffield City Hall
* Baslow
* Hassop Station
* Meadowhall Park and Ride


5 thoughts on “Ride Start Locations

  1. Hi… I’m a new rider n av just got a bike n I am interested in joining CTC for Bike rides n meeting new friends…. I am willing to start with one of the easy social rides you do for Saturday mornings. Where at Hilsbrough park do you meet? Kind regards Will

  2. Hi… Went on my first bike ride with CTC n really enjoyed the ride even though it was really hard 4 me but I completed the journey…. The best part of the ride was the Wild Cherry Ice Cream Cone n the Mocha Coffee Towards the finish lol… Looking Forward To the next ride….

  3. Most day rides start at 9.30am on Sunday mornings and sometimes on Saturdays. There is no set pattern to where the rides start – Hillsborough Park is just one of several places our ride leaders choose from. The next ride from Hillsborough is on Sunday 19th March and starts near the Park at the Riverside Cafe on Catchbar Lane @ 09:30 and goes to the Potting shed at Silkstone.

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