Our 2018 Audax Events Programme is taking shape. Three sets of events are already in the AUK on-line calendar, details below.

Saturday 28 April
08.00   Paris and Moscow in the Spring  (200km)
09.00   Paris in the Spring  (100km)
(from Wadsley, North Sheffield; organiser Tony Gore)

Saturday 12 May
08.00   Plains, Peaks and Troughs    (200km)
09.00   Peaks and Troughs           (100km)
09.30   Fewer Peaks and Troughs         (60km)
(from Dore; organiser John Cripps)

Saturday 6 October
08.00   On to the Big Ring     (200km)
09.00   Ring of Steel (City)     (100km)
(from Dore; organiser John Cripps)

The Amber Gambol and Amber and Green events are expected to run on Saturday 08 September. Links shall be posted here when finalised. In the meantime, have a look at Andy Smith’s photos and Katie Butler’s video of 2017’s events.