Our 2017 Audax Events Programme is shown below. Click on the links to be taken to the Audax UK website for ride and entry details.

Saturday 22 April
08.00   Paris and Moscow in the Spring  (200km)
09.00   Paris in the Spring  (100km)
(from Wadsley, North Sheffield; organiser Tony Gore)

Saturday 27 May
08.30   Plains, Peaks and Troughs    (200km)
09.00   Peaks and Troughs           (100km)
09.30   Fewer Peaks and Troughs         (60km)
(from Dore; organiser John Cripps)

Saturday 23 September
08.00   Amber and Green     (200km)
09.15   An Amber Gambol     (100km)
(from Dore; organiser Andy Smith)

Saturday 7 October
08.30   On to the Big Ring     (200km)
09.00   Ring of Steel (City)     (100km)
(from Dore; organiser John Cripps)